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Sally is a nationally-recognized speaker and trainer and provides continuing education on a number of mental health topics. She is conversational and pragmatic in her speaking style.

To inquire about speaking topics, schedule a talk for your group or for a consultation, text, call, or email Sally: 816-226-8211sallykingconsulting@gmail.com

Mental Health, Professional CEU, and Senior Community Topics include:

Diagnosis & Treatment

  • An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing for Difficult Clients
  • Deciphering the 3 Ds in Older Adult Mental Health — Depression, Delirium, and Dementia
  • The Personal and Familial Impact of Cancer — Diagnostically and Emotionally
  • Diagnosing Depression in Seniors with the DSM 5TR – What Every Professional in Aging Should Know
  • An Introduction to Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Caregiving Issues
  • A Real-World look at the Concepts of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Overcoming Life’s Challenges
  • Beyond Stinkin’ Thinkin’ – An Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Mental Health Interventions
  • Generational addiction – Older Adult Substance Abuse and Its Emotional, Physical, and Mental Toll
  • Women and Mood Across the Lifespan — A Biopsychosocial Look at Pathology vs. Normal
  • A Look at Loss as We Age – The Latest Research on Getting Through Grief
  • An Intro to Hoarding Behaviors and Interventions
  • When Grief Turns into Depression – How the DSM 5TR Differentiates the Two and Helping Seniors Cope with Loss
  • Mental Illness 101 – How to Manage and Intervene with Troubled Patients and Their Families
  • Personality vs. Pathology — Using the Enneagram to Understand Temperament and Personality Disorders
  • The Origin of Emotion — Brain Science That’s Changing our View of One’s Emotional Blueprint and How to Reconcile this with the DSM 5
  • A Look at PTSD and Developmental Trauma Through a Trauma-Informed Treatment Perspective
  • Lowering Suicide Risk in Older Adult Clients — The Latest Stats, Tools, and Protective Factors
  • Older Adult Anxiety and Its Relationship to Sleep and Incontinence Issues
  • Integrating Meditation and Practical Mindfulness into Your Role as a Therapist


  • How to Advocate for Advanced Planning
  • Love, Sex and Aging – Understanding the Relational Needs of Older Adults and How to Better Advocate
  • Engaging Ethically in Clinical Settings – Boundaries, Self-care, and Liability issues with Clients
  • Seniors and Ethics – Advocacy Challenges When Working with Depressed Older Adults
  • An Introduction to the Diagnostic, Treatment, and Ethical Considerations of Working with Traumatized Older Adults
  • Elder Justice – Advocacy Challenges When Working with Seniors who are isolated and institutionalized
  • Advocating for A Good Death — The Ethics of Dispelling Funeral, Embalming, and End of Life Myths for Seniors and their Loved Ones
  • Personal and Professional Ethics and Boundaries in the Age of Smart Phones – How Social Workers can Avoid Burnout and achieve balance When You’re always “on”


  • Suicide Survivorship: How to Help & Understand Those Left Behind
  • Lowering Suicide Risk in Older Adult Clients — The Latest Stats, Tools, and Protective Factors
  • Preventing Suicide — How to Assess Accurately and Cultivate Resiliency in High Risk Populations

Cultural Competency & Bias

  • Love, Sex and Aging – Understanding Healthcare’s Cultural Bias and How to Better Advocate
  • Ageism and Ableism – Advocating Against the Discrimination of Getting Old and Promoting Culture Change

Mental Health & Aging

  • The Cognitive and Psychological Changes Associated with Aging
  • Exploring Mindfulness Practices in Counseling and Coaching
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality- What to Look for When Re-entering a Faith Community
  • Playing Nice – Strategies for Managing Bullying in Senior Communities
  • Calm Through the Storm — Coping Well Through a Pandemic
  • Practical Mindfulness in Crisis
  • Five Strategies for Caregivers to cope with weariness, worry, and loss
  • An Introduction to the Trauma-Informed Care Movement — How Agencies and Communities Can Better Serve Those Who Struggle
  • The Cost for Caring for Others — An Evidenced-based Look at the Science of Self-care for Caregivers and Professionals
  • The Cycle of Trauma — Practical Insights on How and Why Trauma History gets Emulated in Work and Personal Relationships and how to Stop It
  • Telomeres: How Diet and Exercise Impacts Genes and Vulnerability in Aging
  • Stressed out Providers — Five Minute Meditation Skills to Lower Your (And Your Client’s) Depression and Anxiety Risk
  • 6 Keys to Healthy Aging – How to Stay Mentally Strong Despite Setbacks
  • Losing a Spouse Workshop – The Practical and Emotional Tasks at Hand
  • Kindred Spirits – A look at What Research is Saying About Staying Social as we Age
  • Genetics vs. Lifestyle – What Professionals Need to Know About What Determines Mental Health
  • An Introduction to the Home and Green Funeral Movement – How Social Workers can Empower Their Clients to Bring Death Care back to the Home with Less Environmental Impact
  • Embodiment — Submission, Emotion, and Spirituality – One-hour church talk.
  • Isolation, Technology, and Sabbath – What Every Church Needs to Know
  • Isolation and Loneliness and its Impace on Adult Decision Making

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